Your dog should have a safe, clean place to stay while you’re away. Unless you request otherwise, each pet has his own indoor climate controlled space that’s appropriate for his breed. We keep our pet guests’ kennels neat and clean and as comfortable and relaxing as possible. For this reason, we include a hypoallergenic cot and allow you to bring his own bedding and toys to assist in his enjoyment.

We also have enclosures that would allow more freedom to move around, in case you have two dogs they can stay together. These enclosures are large enough for your pets to move around in and/or to lie down simultaneously. We even have the ability to separate them for a short time while they eat if necessary.

Play Times

We believe your pet needs adequate exercise to maintain good health and happiness during his time with us. Because of this belief we include thrice a day half an hour play times in our basic boarding cost. With your permission, we will match your dog’s size and temperament with other dogs who love to play as much as your pet does. If you decide he is better suited to play alone, he will receive the same amount of time outside, but will be in one of our spacious individual play yards. We also reserve the right to withdraw our friends from play group for the safety of themselves or others.

Food and Medications

We will take care of giving all medications (please be sure they’re properly labeled), and are glad to give your pet our food or yours from home at no extra cost. We provide all major brand dog food of your choice.


Every employee at canine village dog training & research centre is charged with being guardian of our values guide both our business and personal relationship,we take them very seriously. we believe that our dedication to the fundamental tenets of honesty,integrity and fair business dealing will enable us to continue our long legacy of success.

we do not claim to be perfect,but we do pledge to try and run our business according to the Value system and correct our action if we fall short. we differentiate our products ans services through an unwavering commitment to excellence.